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Year of birth: 1952

Gender: stallion
Colour: Bay


SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

PASB #1463
RASB #1018

Photo: ?

Arax is one of the stallion of the Bairactar sire line. He went to Tersk in 1958 after standing one year at Albigowa State Stud. He is the son of Amurath Sahib, gray stallion foaled in 1932. Arax was the leading sire at Tersk for the ten years he he stood there, siring 101 foals, of which 11 sons and 23 daughters were registered. Arax is a credited with passing on good bone, much substance, great length and strength of hindquarters, a typey head with large expressive eyes, the long neck typical of the line, and excellent disposition and temperament. In 1969, when he was 17, Arax was sold to Holland but died from a shipboard accident. Arax daughters are treasured the world over; at Tersk, Magnolia and the full sisters Naturshitsa and Nemezida were highly broodmares.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1969 Nepokornaia ? Mare
1969 Mechta Bay Mare
1967 tamerlan ? stallion
1967 Nemezida Bay Mare
1967 Kruschina Chestnut Mare
1967 Psikhea ? Mare
1966 Nabeg Bay stallion Russia
1965 Madia bay Mare
1964 Namek ? stallion
1964 Panama Of Tersk ? Mare
1963 Nasmeshnik Bay stallion Russia
1962 Karta Bay Mare
1962 Maritsa Bay Mare
1962 Naturshitsa Bay Mare Russia
1962 Madera ? Mare
1962 Novinka Grey Mare
1962 Nastavnitsa ? Mare
1961 Palba ? Mare
1960 Magnolia ? Mare
1960 Skazka ? Mare
1959 Sapina ? Mare
1958 Boltonka Bay Mare
Nagrada II Grey Mare
Malwa ? Mare
Tien ? Mare
Zlota Iwa ? Mare

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Photo: ?

Photo: ?