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Year of birth: 1958

Year of death:1981

Gender: stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:

Blodlines: Straight Egyptian

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

Ansata Ibn Halima
AHR #15897


Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1982 Haziz Halim Black stallion USA
1982 Ansata Raja Halim Grey Gelding USA
1982 Ansata Halim Bay Bay stallion USA
1982 Ansata Abu Halim Grey stallion USA
1982 Halimas Legacy Grey Mare USA
1982 El Hadiyyah Grey stallion USA
1982 Imperial Pharalima Grey Mare USA
1982 Ansata Joy Halima Grey Mare USA
1981 Ansata Ghazia Grey Mare USA
1981 Ansata Bint Halima Grey Mare USA
1981 Ansata Dia Halima Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Halim Al Kadir Grey stallion
1981 Ansata Serena Grey Mare USA
1981 Ansata Aly Halim Grey stallion USA
1980 Ansata Halim Shah Grey stallion USA
1980 Halimm Bay stallion
1980 El Halimaar Grey stallion
1980 Ansata Aya Halima Bay Mare USA
1980 Ansata Haji Halim Grey stallion USA
1980 Ansata Raqessa Grey Mare USA
1980 Ansata El Halim Grey stallion USA
1979 Ansata Samantha Chestnut Mare USA
1979 Bint Deenaa Grey Mare
1979 Ansata Omar Halim Grey stallion USA
1979 Ansata El Tareef Grey stallion USA
1979 Ansata Ali Halim Chestnut stallion USA
1979 Halim El Mansour Bay stallion
1978 Ansata El Mabrouk Grey stallion USA
1978 Ansata Emir Halim Grey stallion USA
1978 Glorieta Monhalim Grey stallion USA
1977 Ansata Halima Son Grey stallion USA
1976 Ansata Zareifa Grey Mare USA
1976 Ansata El Nasrany Grey stallion USA
1976 Ansata Halim Bey Grey stallion USA
1974 Ansata Abu Nazeer Grey stallion
1973 Ansata Jamila Grey Mare USA
1973 Sar Fadl Halim Grey stallion USA
1973 Ansata Haliwa Bay Mare USA
1972 Ansata Jezebel Grey Mare USA
1972 AK Atallah Grey Mare
1972 AK Sirhalima Black stallion
1972 Bay Halima ? stallion
1972 Ansata El Hakim Bay stallion USA
1971 Siralima Grey Mare USA
1971 Nehaya Bay Mare USA
1970 Ansata Sherifa Bay Mare USA
1970 Fa Halima Grey Mare USA
1970 Sir Halim Grey stallion USA
1969 Ansata Aziza Grey Mare
1968 Ansata Rhodora Grey Mare USA
1968 Ansata Sabiha Grey Mare USA
1968 IL Bint Khedena ? Mare
1968 Halim Pasha Grey stallion USA
1967 Ansata El Sherif Grey stallion USA
1967 Ansata El Nisr Grey stallion
1967 Ansata El Salim Grey stallion USA
1967 Raalima Grey Mare USA
1966 Dahmah Shahwaniah Bay Mare
1966 Hossny Grey stallion
1966 El Hadiyi Bay stallion
1966 Mohssen Grey stallion
1966 Silima Grey Mare USA
1966 Bint Fa Dena Black Mare USA
1965 Ansata Ibn Sudan Grey Stallion
1965 Falima Bay Mare USA
1964 Ansata Abbas Pasha Grey stallion
El Hilal Grey stallion
GHI Halima ? stallion
Samim ? stallion
Charm Of Halima ? Mare
Halima El Hamra ? Mare
Rose Of Cameo ? Mare
Dorian Sha Halima ? Mare
AK Fanniya Grey Mare

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