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Year of birth: 27 04 1959

Year of death:1984

Gender: stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:

Blodlines: russian

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

RASB #1412
DAV #14
GASB #41
AHR #213493


Tersk Stud, USSR; Imp from Russia to Germany, 1971; Imp from Germany to US 1980; d. 1984 Sired 64 purebred foals in USSR Sired 24 purebred foals in West Germany Sired 119 purebred foals in USA Sire Line is Ibrahim Desertbred imported to Poland. Via Skowronek, sire of Naseem Dam Line is to E Salon (Negativ x Sonata) was foaled in 1959. A winner of the Certificate of First Degree, Salon stood at stud from 1964 until his sale to Germany in 1971. Sixty-four Salon offspring are recorded in the stud book. Salon is a stallion of unparalleled elegance. Salonīs appearance defies description. This beautiful athlete like his brother Naborr consistently sires National Champions and has the highest percentage of National Champion Holder offspring (internationally) of any sure, quite probably in any breed. His sons Namet (out of Naturshitsa) and Muslin (out of Magnolia) are European Champions, and Muscat (out of Malpia) is the US and Canada National Champion.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1984 La Salone LTD Grey Mare
1983 Solstice Grey Stallion
1982 Ponomarev Grey stallion
1971 Solonka Chestnut Mare Russia
1971 Prekrasnaja Grey Mare
1970 Carolina ? Mare
1970 Palitra ? Mare
1969 Moment Grey stallion
1969 Namiet Grey stallion Russia
1968 Malutka ? Mare
1968 Muslin ? stallion
1968 Pallada ? Mare
1968 Podsnejnik ? stallion
1968 Pastel Grey Mare
1967 Palmira ? Mare
1966 Nefisa Chestnut Mare Russia
1966 Passia Grey Mare
1965 Pustinia Chestnut Mare Russia
1965 Nesravnennaja ? Mare
Nadpis ? Mare

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