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Year of birth: 1982

Gender: Stallion
Size: 152 cm
Colour: Chestnut

Blodlines: Russian

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:


Photo: ?

Aprogenitor of the Amurath strain, Balaton belongs to the Kuhailan–Saklawi type, which is popular at the Tersk Stud. He is well balanced, has dry strong legs, and exquisite desert–type head. He was raced only at age two, in 10 races he was placed seven times. Because of his enormous breeding value, the colt was placed at the stud´s breeding barn at the age of three. Balaton is inbred to the strong Priboj and the elegant Naseem.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
2003 Nilansk Chestnut stallion Russia
2002 Balmena Chestnut Mare Russia
2002 Plumbum Grey stallion Russia
2000 Vorojeia Bay Mare
1999 Pribaltika Grey Mare Russia
1999 Nobel 8 Chestnut stallion
1998 Perfect Kossack Bay Mare
1997 Balagia Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1997 Nipkov Chestnut stallion Netherlands
1996 BB Balenca ? Mare
1996 Piligrim Grey stallion The Netherlands
1996 Verbala Chestnut Mare The Netherlands
1996 Nazrala Grey Mare
1996 LA Contessa Grey Mare
1995 Bawda ? Mare
1994 Narym Bay stallion
1994 Molvina ? Mare
1993 Sibiria Chestnut Mare
1993 Balenina Chestnut Mare Austria
1993 Gurjev Chestnut stallion
1993 Siberia ? Mare
1992 Balena Bay Mare The Netherlands
1991 Malvina Chestnut Mare
1991 Palubnik Chestnut stallion
1991 Pobeda Bay Mare
1990 Plebei Chestnut stallion Russia
1989 Verdjina Chestnut Mare
1988 Abakan Chestnut stallion
1988 Absent Grey stallion
1987 Kubinec Chestnut stallion Russia
1987 NA Borscik Chestnut stallion
1987 Proba Chestnut Mare
1987 Sambist Bay stallion Russia
1987 Naborschik Chestnut Stallion
1986 Akbura Chestnut Mare Russia
1986 Nabob Chestnut Stallion
Mareia ? Mare
Albion ? stallion Russia
Abhaziia ? Mare
Nebylica ? Mare
Mednaia ? Mare

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Photo: ?