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Year of birth: 1950

Gender: stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:


SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

PASB 1669; RASB 738; AHR 25472


Reserve National Champion All Union Agricultural Fair in Moscow 1954. Winner of that class was Naborīs father Negatiw. Nabor crossed the sea, from Europe to US, 1963 together with Bask. Sold at age 19 for $150,000.00 Imp to Poland, 1955; Imp to US, registered as Naborr Naborr is one of the most influential sires of three continents. He stamped his offspring with uniformity of type. He was a typical "Chef de race". He has left a few offspring at Tersk and was sold to Poland. The Tersk breeders thought Naborr to be a bit too effete for the proverbial athletic type of the Russian Arabian. Naborr was especially successful in the States, where after his death a Naborr Preservation Breeders Network was set up by Narorr enthusiasts.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1977 WN Nastasea Grey Mare
1977 TC Kashmir Grey Stallion
1975 Elyte Grey Mare
1974 Azh Naborr ? stallion
1973 Grandorr Grey stallion
1972 Naborrs Shannon Grey Mare
1972 Naborrs Joy Grey Mare USA
1970 Kaborr Grey stallion
1969 Countess Naborr Grey Mare
1967 Gai-Adventure ? stallion
1963 Fama Grey Mare
1962 Etola Grey Mare
1962 Edycja Grey Mare
1961 Estebna Grey Mare Poland
1961 Gwalior Grey stallion
1960 Espartero Grey stallion Poland
1960 Eskapada ? Mare
1960 Dornaba ? Mare
1959 Dardir Grey stallion
1958 Planeta Grey Mare Poland
1958 Gwozdawa Grey Mare
1957 Kreolka Grey Mare
1957 Argos Grey stallion
Daszawa ? Mare

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