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Year of birth: 07 05 1981

Year of death:2005

Gender: stallion
Size: 158 cm
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:

Blodlines: Egyptian/Spanish

SCID status: ?
CA status: Carrier
LFS status:

El Mokari
DSAH #450
VZAP 410


Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
2005 Ghalip Ibn El Mokari Grey stallion   Denmark
2003 El Ghazir Grey stallion   Denmark
2003 Fantasy Biint El Mokari Grey Mare   Denmark
2002 Dali SS Grey stallion   Denmark
2002 Jayyid Grey stallion   Denmark
2001 Diwa SS Grey Mare   Denmark
2001 El Ghalahad Grey stallion   Denmark
2001 Jamahirya Bint Jamila ? Mare   Denmark
2000 EJ Sandokan El Mokari Grey Stallion
2000 Wadi Washir Grey Gelding   Denmark
2000 Jadban Enzahi Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1999 El Ghazal Grey stallion   Denmark
1999 Anazeh Grey Gelding Great-Britain
1999 Wansour Chestnut Gelding   Denmark
1998 Wasyl Grey stallion   Denmark
1998 Wasoon Grey stallion   Denmark
1998 Ghazala Grey Mare   Denmark
1998 Wassarian Grey stallion   Denmark
1998 Jaklana Grey Mare   Denmark
1997 Jalima El Mokari Grey Mare   Denmark
1997 Werifah Grey Mare   Denmark
1997 El Yashmir Grey stallion   Denmark
1997 Wadeena Bint Warissa Grey Mare   Denmark
1997 Wisicka Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1997 Warmia Grey Mare   Denmark
1997 Evitah Grey Mare   Denmark
1997 Djedi Qued Grey stallion   Denmark
1996 Makur Chestnut Gelding   Denmark
1996 Mablul Arrabi Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1996 Mystery Grey stallion   Denmark
1996 Emisha Grey stallion   Denmark
1995 Bint Warissa Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1995 El Mokari Son Bay stallion   Denmark
1995 Bi El Cid Grey Stallion   Denmark
1995 Mosanta Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1995 Starlight Grey stallion   Denmark
1995 Ibn Myra Grey stallion   Denmark
1994 Waga Grey Mare   Denmark
1994 Myreks Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1994 Mekka Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1994 Maritsa Grey Mare   Denmark
1994 Galicja Grey Mare   Denmark
1994 Jarisha Grey Mare   Denmark
1994 Wiola Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1994 Maleika Grey Mare   Denmark
1994 Wega Grey Mare   Denmark
1994 Merlin Grey stallion   Denmark
1993 Jantar Grey stallion   Denmark
1993 Walewska Grey Mare   Denmark
1993 El-Redo Grey stallion   Denmark
1993 Waletta Grey Mare   Denmark
1993 Donel Grey Mare   Denmark
1992 Wagant Grey stallion   Denmark
1992 Walisha Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1992 Myszka Grey Mare   Denmark
1992 Wilga Grey Mare   Denmark
1992 Ali-Bell Grey Mare   Denmark
1992 El-Virado Grey stallion   Denmark
1991 Chilla Grey Mare   Denmark
1991 Warda Grey Mare   Denmark
1991 Etna Grey Mare   Denmark
1991 Wanesco Grey Gelding   Denmark
1991 Maritza Grey Mare   Denmark
1991 Elica Grey Mare   Denmark
1991 Siam Grey stallion   Denmark
1991 Myto Grey stallion   Denmark
1990 El Wano Bay stallion   Denmark
1990 Wanessa Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1990 Waniki Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1990 Jamaal Grey stallion   Denmark
1990 Willia Grey Mare   Denmark
1990 Mesina Grey Mare   Denmark
1990 Medea Grey Mare   Denmark
1990 Elizha Grey Mare   Denmark
1990 Ameenah Grey Mare   Denmark
1990 Mitia Grey stallion   Denmark
1990 Fayyad Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1990 Faayeed Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1990 Bali-Hai Grey stallion   Denmark
1989 Nicole Grey Mare   Denmark
1989 Wahannah Grey Mare   Denmark
1989 Wandahl Grey stallion   Denmark
1989 Flarisa Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1989 El Mohari Grey stallion   Denmark
1989 Wanda Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1989 Jamiri Grey Mare   Denmark
1989 Shaakir Bay Gelding   Denmark
1989 Siyaka Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1989 Masani Bay Mare   Denmark
1989 Bell-Merci Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1989 Bazari Grey Mare   Denmark
1989 Nazzir Grey stallion   Denmark
1989 Myson Grey stallion   Denmark
1989 Marco Grey stallion   Denmark
1988 Mykari Grey Mare   Denmark
1988 Wandro Grey stallion   Denmark
1988 Aki-Bell Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1988 Wariska Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1988 Mikado Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1988 Mushanga Grey Mare   Denmark
1988 Sismo Grey stallion   Denmark
1988 Debbie Bay Mare   Denmark
1988 Jamira Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1988 Washiri Grey Mare   Denmark
1988 Wamilla Bay Mare   Denmark
1988 Naziri Grey Mare   Denmark
1988 Monic Bint El Mokari Grey Mare   Denmark
1988 Jameelah Grey Mare   Denmark
1988 Beluga Grey Mare   Denmark
1988 Beedi Grey Mare   Denmark
1987 Faheemah Grey Mare   Denmark
1987 Isabell Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1987 Karima Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1987 Sheik Warim Grey stallion   Denmark
1987 Bolero Grey stallion   Denmark
1987 Amar El Pascha Chestnut stallion Germany
1987 Waheeba Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1987 Mistral Grey stallion   Denmark
1987 El Moscha Bay stallion   Denmark
1987 Nastacia Bay Mare   Denmark
1987 Waseem Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1987 Belle Arab Grey Mare   Denmark
1987 Beresina Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1986 Flakari Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1986 Ibn El Mokari Grey stallion   Denmark
1986 Fera Grey Mare Finland
1986 Bell Mokari Chestnut Mare   Denmark
1986 Rashid Ibn Rasida Grey Stallion
1986 Moniet Bint El Mokari Bay Mare   Denmark
1986 Nuggi Grey stallion   Denmark
1986 Pascha Ibn El Mokari Grey stallion   Denmark
1986 Sharimo ? stallion   Denmark
1986 Walemo Grey stallion   Denmark
1985 Sharmeur Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1985 Schiwa II Grey Mare Germany
Tjokari ? Mare
Domika ? Mare
Nazari ? Mare   Denmark

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