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Year of birth: 1921

Year of death:1940

Gender: stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:

Blodlines: Straight Egyptian

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

EAO I #4

Strain: Kuhaylan Mimrie

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1935 Bakreia Grey Mare
1935 Eid Grey stallion
1935 Freig Grey stallion
1935 Nuzha Grey Mare
1935 Habashi Grey stallion
1935 Hakim Grey stallion
1935 Shouman Grey stallion Egypt
1934 Nazeer Grey stallion
1934 Adnan Grey Mare
1934 Fawzeia Grey Mare
1934 Hediya Grey Mare
1934 Nassar Grey stallion Egypt
1934 Noman Bay stallion Egypt
1933 Sheikh El Arab Grey stallion
1933 Bint Saada Grey Mare
1933 Bint Bint Samiha Grey Mare
1933 Ibn Bint Bint Radia Chestnut stallion
1933 Ibn Bint Rustem Grey stallion
1933 Ibn Fayza Grey stallion
1933 Selman Grey stallion Egypt
1932 Bint Bint Samiha Grey Mare
1932 Bint Fayza Grey Mare
1932 Mariem Grey Mare Egypt
1931 Bint Farida Grey Mare
1931 Nour Grey Mare
1931 Roda Grey Mare
1931 Ibn Mansour Grey stallion
1930 Dahshan Grey stallion

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