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Year of birth: 1969

Gender: stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:


SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:



Moment has graced several important Arabian breeding establishments around world. Exported to Bulgaria at age three; recalled to Tersk to serve as replacement sire representing the Naseem line through Salon when Muscat was sold to the United States in 1978; stood at stud to more mares than any other Tersk stallion at that time; returned to Bulgaria in 1982. Moment, son of foundation sire Salon; full brother to United States and Canadian National Champion Muscat and Reserve National Champion Mare of France, Missia. Moment, replacement for Muscat as the prime progenitor of the Salon sire line at Tersk. Moment, foundation sire for Valhalla and cornerstone of their Tersk-related breeding programm.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1980 Peremet ? stallion
1980 Narim Grey stallion
1980 Manometr Chestnut stallion Russia
1980 Nema ? Mare
1979 Nimroz Grey stallion
1979 Makumba Chestnut Mare Russia
Nametka ? Mare
Pogremok ? stallion
Progremok ? stallion

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