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Year of birth: 1971

Gender: stallion
Colour: ?


SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:


"Muscat is that what he is, and he is so wonderfully what he is that you donīt have to talk a lot about him". Howard F. Kale, Jr. Forgetting the awards, the accolades and the championships, the most important thing to be said of Muscat, is that he passes on "what he is" to his sons and daughters. The upright, long neck, pencil thin throat latch and elegance from the Nassem line, the harmony of function and structure which is fully his alone, have all been consistently inherited by his offspring. As poof, Muscat ranks as one of the leading sires of champions, with his offspring taking top awards at the National and International level.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1988 Fine Addition Chestnut Mare
1987 HK Caprice ? Mare
1987 Pepel ? stallion
1987 Muscalean Chestnut Mare
1985 Narzisse ? Mare
1985 NDL Martinique Chestnut Mare
1985 Silver Riole Grey Mare
1984 MH Weston ? stallion
1984 BPL Silk Flowers ? Mare
1984 My Mavica ? Mare
1981 Promessa Chestnut Mare
1980 Pravda Dark chestnut Mare
1979 Sir Musk Chestnut stallion
1979 Muscastar ? stallion
1979 Amber Silk Chestnut Mare USA
1979 Lady Muscata ? Mare
1977 Murmansk Chestnut stallion
1976 Kosmetika Bay Mare
1976 Potomac ? stallion
1976 Pozicia ? Mare
1976 SR Nadom ? stallion
Mimika ? Mare
Pomarka ? Mare
Anyshia US Grey Mare
Temir ? stallion
RD Ariel ? Mare

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