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Year of birth: 1909

Gender: Stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:

Blodlines: Polish

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

GSB 552
PASB 3602

Photo: ?

Exported from Poland to UK 1913. Previously owned by Mr. Webb-Ware, who purchased him from Mr. Walter Winans, who imported him from Count Potock´s Stud. The most influential Arabian stallion of all time. Carol W. Mulder writes in the article "Skowronek" from The Crabbet Influence May/June 1989 issue and Collectors Vol. 1, 1992: "Skowronek was probably the greatest recorded Arabian sires of all time. His influence has been nothing short of amazing and spans much of the recognized modern Arabian horse breeding world. Skowronek was more than a prodigy as a sire. He was, fortunately, an individual of truly outstanding merit, quality, and type. He strongly fixed a beautiful, classic type in the gene pool of the breed."

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1928 Crabbet Sura Grey Mare Great-Britain
1927 Naxina Grey Mare Great-Britain
1927 Registan Grey stallion Great-Britain
1927 Rose of The Sea Grey Mare Great-Britain
1926 Raffles Grey stallion
1926 Nahrawan Grey stallion Great-Britain
1925 Naziri Grey stallion
1925 Ajeeb Grey stallion
1925 Incoronata Grey Mare Great-Britain
1925 Nax Grey stallion Great-Britain
1925 Reyna Grey Mare Great-Britain
1924 Nafisa Grey Mare
1923 Raseyn Grey stallion
1923 Rimini Grey Mare
1923 Almulid Grey stallion
1923 Nasirieh Grey Mare Great-Britain
1922 Naseem Grey stallion Great-Britain
1922 Rifala Grey Mare
1922 Jalila Grey Mare Great-Britain
1922 Raida Grey Mare Great-Britain
1921 Raswan Grey stallion Great-Britain
1921 Rossana Grey Mare
1921 Seriya Grey Mare Great-Britain
1921 Rangoon Grey stallion Great-Britain
1921 Revenge Grey stallion Great-Britain
1920 Ruskov Grey stallion
1920 Fasiha Grey Mare

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Photo: ?

Photo: ?

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