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Year of birth: 1945

Year of death:1973

Gender: stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:

Blodlines: Russian

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

RASB #377
PASB #2090


Negativ, foaled in 1945, had stiffer competition for the Tersk mares. Priboj (Piolun x Rissalma) and Korej (Kann x Rixalina) were senior sires by that time, so Negativīs total of 105 foals for the 11 years he stood at Tersk is surprisingly high. He won two races in Russia and was also named Champion at the All Union Exhibition. Negativ was sold to Poland in 1962 at the age of 17 where he sired 106 more foals, and developed this own sire line. At Tersk, four Negativ sons were used for breeding. Naborr (Lagodna by Posejdon) sired only one year before he was sold to Poland where he restored the Ibrahim sire line and was particularly treasured for his daughters. In 1963, he was the first Tersk-bred Arabian to be imported to the United States. He became a sire of great merit in the United States and his offspring (American -bred and Polish-bred) have win nearly 1200 championships. Suvenir (x Sonata by Skrsyp), foaled in 1957, has foals listed from 1973 through 1980. He died in 1979. Patron (x Provincia by Priboj) sired only three foals (all in 1973) and Salon (a full brother to Suvenir) sired 64 foals at Tersk before his sale to Germany in 1971. Salon won the Certificate of the First Degree at the All-Union Exhibition in 1969, when he was ten. Negativ died in 1973 at the age of 28 after a very successful stud career.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1973 Flinta Grey Mare
1973 Donna Grey Mare
1972 Eroica Grey Mare Poland
1972 Fabiola ? Mare
1972 Zazula Grey Mare
1972 Debata Grey Mare
1972 Caryca ? Mare
1971 Fatima Grey Mare
1971 Dewajtis ? stallion
1971 Figaro Grey stallion
1970 Wenera Grey Mare
1970 Garda Grey Mare
1967 Andrut Grey stallion
1966 Cedzyna Grey Mare
1966 Harmonia ? Mare
1966 Rusnega Grey Mare
1965 Aleksota Grey Mare
1965 Rutyna Grey Mare
1965 Baj Grey stallion
1965 Cerrita Grey Mare
1964 Bandos Grey stallion Poland
1964 Tinian Grey Stallion
1964 Diem Grey stallion
1964 Ellice Grey Mare
1964 Pierzga Grey Mare Poland
1964 Mimoza ? Mare
1964 Gon Grey stallion Poland
1964 Diaspora Grey Mare
1963 Nebulosa Grey Mare
1963 Tryfolia Grey Mare Sweden
1959 Salon Grey stallion Russia
1958 Panorama Grey Mare
1957 Suvenir Grey stallion
1956 Karmen Chestnut Mare
1950 Nabor Grey stallion Russia
Negotka Grey Mare
Patron ? stallion
Gonagra ? Mare

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