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Year of birth: 1922

Year of death:1953

Gender: stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:

Blodlines: Crabbet

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:


Photo: ?

Naseem was a horse of supreme type. He was elegant with a beautifull head and expressive eyes. Long fine neck with exstremely thin throatlatch. Slightly long in the back. Good structure to the front legs. A good shoulder. The Croup is noted to be less than level, and the hindlegs had a tendency to stand aout somewhat behind the body. The motion was excellent. Naseem was undoubtedly one of Skowroneks finest sons. Naseem left England at the age of 14 (during the 1936 Crabbet sale to the Russians) to become one of the foundation stallions at Tersk. Naseem was used at Tersk for 17 years. Horses of the Naseem line are Siglavi in type, best described as exotic. The best Naseem son was Negatiw (Negativ) who was born in 1945 .

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1948 Nitochka Grey Mare
1947 Naparnitsa II Grey Mare
1946 Novizna Grey Mare
1945 Negatiw Grey stallion Russia
1944 Nejenka Grey Mare
1943 Nomenklatura ? Mare
1943 Nomer Bay Stallion
1938 Nagrada ? Mare
1937 Naturalistka Chestnut Mare Russia
1934 Sulka Chestnut Mare Great-Britain
1928 Rissam Chestnut stallion
1928 Raftan Grey stallion
1927 Irex ? stallion
1926 Silver Fire ? Mare
Raktha ? Stallion
Norka ? Mare

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Photo: ?

Photo: ?

Photo: ?