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Year of birth: 1887

Gender: stallion
Colour: Chestnut

Blodlines: Straight Egyptian

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:


Strain: Seglawi Jedran of Ibn Sudan. Mesaoud was a bright chestnut with four white legs, a blaze, sprinkled with white spots, and a dark stripe along the back. He stood a bit over 14.2. Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt purchased him in 1888-9, and imported him to England in 1891, where he was registered in the Arabian section of Weatherbys General Stud Book. ReExp to Russia 1903. Mesaoud was known as The Spotted Wonder, his descendants were sought after for crossing to Appaloosas in the early century.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1904 Abu Zeyd Chestnut stallion
1904 Riada Bay Mare Great-Britain
1904 Ninawa Bay Mare Great-Britain
1903 Rosetta Chestnut Mare Great-Britain
1902 Antika Chestnut Mare
1902 Hamasa Chestnut Mare Great-Britain
1902 Nawara Bay Mare Great-Britain
1902 Zeidan Chestnut Stallion
1901 Ajramieh Chestnut Mare
1901 Harb Chestnut stallion Great-Britain
1901 Nadir Bay stallion Great-Britain
1901 Kantara Chestnut Mare Great-Britain
1900 Risala Chestnut Mare Great-Britain
1900 Astraled Bay stallion Great-Britain
1900 Nejef Bay Stallion Great-Britain
1900 Bendira Chestnut Mare
1900 Bokhari Grey stallion
1900 Dem-Dem Chestnut stallion
1900 Kibla Grey Mare Great-Britain
1900 Nasr Bay stallion Great-Britain
1899 Narkise Bay stallion Great-Britain
1899 Rabla Bay Mare Great-Britain
1899 Feluka Chestnut Mare
1899 Abla Bay Mare
1899 Daoud Chestnut stallion
1899 Faraoun Bay stallion Great-Britain
1898 Jalmuda Chestnut Mare Great-Britain
1898 Maisuna Bay Mare Great-Britain
1898 Narenk Bay stallion Great-Britain
1898 Rakima Chestnut Mare Great-Britain
1897 Rejeb Chestnut stallion Great-Britain
1897 Seyal Grey stallion Great-Britain
1897 Ain Shems Bay stallion Great-Britain
1897 Naaman Bay stallion Great-Britain
1897 Natrone Bay stallion Great-Britain
1895 Narghileh Bay Mare Great-Britain
1892 Ibn Mesaoud Chestnut stallion
1892 Mabsuta Bay Mare Great-Britain

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