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Year of birth: 05 05 1965

Year of death:1984

Gender: stallion
Colour: Grey
Birth colour:

Blodlines: polish

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:



1972 Swedish Nat. Champ Stallion + Best in show. 1976 European Reserve Champ. Stallion in Verden 1977 - Best Stallion og the Year Reward One of the most influental stallions at Blommerød. Offspring: 1971 Pokala filly out of Dokala Pondus colt out of Rusznica Pohania filly out of Alfa Polka filly out of Salexja Porusga filly out of Rusnega Pomar colt out of Maritsa Polisa filly out of Sake Podboj colt out of Bogoria Panam colt out of Panorama Prut colt out of Rutyna - breeding stallion at E.Lindgren DK 1972 Dopo colt out of Dokala Ruszponiec colt out of Rusznica Expo colt out of Ruxia Planet colt out of Mimikra Colt out of Sake - deceased Alpina filly out of Aleksota Rutiep colt out of Rutyna - deceased Nitouche filly out of Rusnega 1973 Premialdia filly out of Aldifa - deceased Pollett colt out of Aleksota Pohanietta filly out of Alfa Pohcasja filly out of Rucasja Porucznik colt out of Rusnega Poryta filly out of Rutyna - Leading mare at Skaarup-Nielsen DK Palma filly out of Al-Mida 1974 Aldipo colt out of Aldita Alfa Omega filly out of Alfa Borexpo colt out of Borexia Forex colt out of Forexia Sapo colt out of Sake 1975 Probat colt out of Borexia - World famous stallion Pommerant colt out of Maritsa Pogoda filly out of Wilcza Jagoda 1976 Aleppo colt out of Aleksja Tia filly out of Dartia Philippa filly out of Finisia Portia filly out of Maderia 1977 Pax colt out of Aleksja Apollo colt out of Alucia Patricia filly out of Dartia - deceased Da Capo colt out of Darbroska Portiana filly out of Maderia 1978 colt out of Maderia - deceased Apollonia filly out of Alucia Primula filly out of Dalija - deceased Patricia II filly out of Dartia Polk colt out of Salexja Pogetta filly out of Wilcza Jagoda Poppika filly out of Pika Darnapo colt out of Darnapa Tryp colt out of Tryfolia Saniec colt out of Sanda Dáccord colt out of Darbroska Petunia filly out of Fuksja 1979 Pogina filly out of Wilcza Jagoda Popina filly out of Pika Daponia filly out of Darnapa Tryponia filly out of Tryfolia Posanna filly out of Sanda 1980 Palmida filly out of Al-Mida Ousjkin colt out of Borexia Pociecha filly out of Cesa Catarina filly out of Cesarzowa 1981 Epoka filly out of Elektronika 1981 Bred outside mares 1983 Danka filly out of Dana Wilia filly out of Willa Lamperia filly out of Lampka 1984 Dodtek colt out of Dana 1985 Basta filly out of Basia

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1980 Padishah Grey stallion   Denmark
1980 Pusjkin Grey stallion
1980 Palmida Chestnut Mare
1980 Pociecha Grey Mare
1979 Posanna Grey Mare
1979 Tryponia Grey Mare
1978 Feisal Grey stallion
1978 Apollonia Bay Mare
1978 Petunia Bay Mare
1978 Pogetta Grey Mare
1978 Poppika Grey Mare
1977 Apollo Bay stallion
1977 Na Zdrowje Grey stallion
1977 Da Capo Grey stallion
1977 Portiana Grey Mare
1976 Philippa Grey Mare
1975 Probat Bay stallion
1975 Polonia ? Mare
1975 Pogoda Bay Mare
1974 Alfa-Omega ? Mare
1974 Borexpo Bay stallion
1974 Forex ? stallion
1974 Alfa Omega Bay Mare Sweden
1973 Poryta Chestnut Mare Sweden
1973 Pohanietta Grey Mare
1973 Pochasja Grey Mare
1973 Pohcasja Grey Mare
1972 Alpina Bay Mare
1971 Pomar Bay stallion Sweden
1971 Polisa Chestnut Mare
1971 Prut Grey stallion
1971 Pohania Grey Mare
1971 Polka Grey Mare
1971 Porusga Grey Mare
Patricia ? Mare
Patricia II ? Mare

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