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Year of birth: 20 06 1975

Year of death:2003

Gender: stallion
Colour: Bay

Blodlines: Polish

SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

FA 102/75-79
AHR 393938

On lease to Poland from 1981-1984 in exchange for Algomej and Partner On lease to Lasma Arabians USA from 1986-1990 Exported to US 1987. sire of 657 foals Offspring: 1980 Process colt out of Marcessa Profir colt out of Alucia Prolex colt out of Aleksja Pruszja filly out of Rucasja Prowincja filly out of Wilcza Jagoda Prezent colt out of Sanda Prusznega filly out of Rusnega From 1980 until the fall of 1983 leased out to Poland 1981 24 foals at Michalow 1982 38 foals at Michalow 1983 21 foals at Janow Podlaski 1984 24 foals at janow Podlaski 1985 Proceder colt out of Cesa Profan colt out of Esterella Program colt out of Ceremona Proprima filly out of Daria Prospecta filly out of Selecta 1986 Aleks colt out of Aleksota Bazalt colt out of Boliwia Bella Donna filly out of Wilcza Jagoda Centaur colt out of Cesa Cyrano colt out of Ceremonia El-Mats colt out of Elektronika Emi colt out of Esterella Gagatek colt out of Galaxja Mark colt out of Marcessa Myszka filly out of Mona Pionier colt out of Pika Pralina filly out of Alpinia Profilia filly out of Wilczyca Proforma filly out of Forexia Proscenia filly out of Ceremona Prosecunda filly out of Daria Regina filly out of Rucasja Satyna filly out of Sanda Sekwoja filly out of Selecta Wiosenka filly out of Willa

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1988 Parana Chestnut Mare
1988 Pistacja Bay Mare Poland
1987 Empressa ? Mare
1987 Czereda Grey Mare
1987 Gaskonia Grey Mare
1987 Eskalacja Bay Mare Poland
1987 Wigwam Chestnut stallion
1986 Regina Grey Mare
1986 Pionier Bay stallion
1986 Satyna ? Mare
1985 Zamek Chestnut stallion   Denmark
1985 Chiara Bay Mare
1985 Lekier Grey stallion
1985 Albatros ? stallion
1984 Pamir Grey stallion
1984 Boryslaw Chestnut stallion Poland
1984 Pinia Grey Mare Poland
1984 Elwanga Bay Mare
1983 Piruet Grey stallion
1983 Aldara Bay Mare
1983 Euterpe ? Mare
1983 Alegro Bay stallion Poland
1983 Pestka Bay Mare
1983 Organtyna Chestnut Mare
1982 Pikieta Grey Mare Poland
1982 Erudycja Grey Mare
1982 Egzotyka Grey Mare
1982 Wermut Bay stallion
1982 Gradacja ? Mare
1982 Plisa Grey Mare Poland
1981 Gil ? stallion
1981 Enrilo Chestnut stallion Poland
1981 Fawor ? stallion
1981 Gwizd ? stallion
1981 Dalida ? Mare
1981 Carowna ? Mare
1981 Eskandia Grey Mare
1981 Flota Grey Mare
1980 Prowincja Bay Mare
1980 Prusznega Grey Mare
1980 Pruszja Grey Mare
Garanti ? stallion
Prusnega ? Mare
Zula ? Mare
Czantoria ? Mare
Algora ? Mare
Proscenia ? Mare
Prospecta ? Mare
Mirkhana ? Mare
Cessar ? Gelding Sweden
Niebiosa ? Mare

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