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Year of birth: 1988

Gender: stallion
Colour: Chestnut


SCID status: Clear
CA status: ?
LFS status:

Padrons Psyche
AHR #418979

IAHA Sweepstakes Nominated Sire Scottsdale Signature Stallion MAHB Medallion Stallion

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
2006 Lorenzo Chestnut stallion USA
2006 Lily PSY Bay Mare USA
2006 Justa Psyche ? Mare USA
2006 Antonio PSY Bay stallion USA
2006 Llarado Chestnut stallion USA
2005 Pandoraah Bay Mare USA
2005 Kizz Me Psyche Chestnut Mare
2005 Psyches Saralee Chestnut Mare
2005 Lina PSY Chestnut Mare USA
2005 Isabella PSY Chestnut Mare USA
2005 Mirage PSY Bay Gelding USA
2005 Javalin PSY Grey stallion USA
2005 Moon Dance TBA Chestnut Mare USA
2005 OFW Psylhouette Chestnut Mare USA
2005 Anmar Bay stallion Jordan
2005 Zigi-Zan Grey Stallion Poland
2004 Natalia Psy Bay Mare
2004 Que Serah Serah Grey Mare
2004 Impression PSY Grey stallion
2004 Psykla Bay Mare
2004 Bonne Chance TBA Bay Mare USA
2004 FF Kristiana Bay Mare
2004 OFW Psymetrical Bay Gelding USA
2004 OFW Psyentinal Bay Gelding USA
2004 OFW Annamae Bay Mare USA
2003 Psovereign KLB Chestnut stallion USA
2003 Miranda Psy Bay Mare USA
2003 Psequel Chestnut stallion
2003 Pscore Bay stallion
2003 Belvedere PSY Chestnut stallion
2003 Psyeline TBA Bay Mare USA
2003 In Love Bay Mare
2003 Pcharlemange ? Gelding
2003 Endevra Bay Mare
2003 Psabrina Dark chestnut Mare
2003 Psyches Sonday Bay Gelding
2003 Primadonna Chestnut Mare Poland
2002 Notorious Psy Bay stallion USA
2002 Lady Aphrodite DD ? Mare
2002 Estarda Bay Mare
2002 Psyches China Doll Bay Mare USA
2001 Psyche Bey Chestnut stallion USA
2001 ML Mostly Padron Chestnut stallion USA
2001 GR Psyches Rey Bay stallion
2001 To Wish Again Grey Mare
2001 Psky FA Bay stallion USA
2001 Psyches Secret Grey Mare
2001 Rohara Bacara Chestnut stallion USA
2000 Rohara Jade Bay Mare USA
2000 Psynergy Chestnut stallion Austria
2000 Lovin Psyche SSA Chestnut Mare USA
2000 Sadiks Psyche Chestnut stallion
2000 Divah TBA Bay Mare USA
2000 Alia Psyche IA Grey Mare USA
2000 WN Easterobsesion Chestnut Mare USA
1999 Enzo Chestnut stallion
1999 DA John Wayne Chestnut stallion
1999 Pristinia Bay Mare
1999 Kinsasha Grey Mare
1999 OFW Psymara Grey Mare USA
1999 Psyneka Dark chestnut Mare
1998 Psytadel Bay stallion USA
1998 Psytanium Chestnut stallion
1998 Psayada Bint Psyche Chestnut Mare
1998 Anna Caroleena Chestnut Mare
1998 Rohara Tattinger Chestnut stallion USA
1998 Magna Psyche Chestnut Mare
1998 Mystic Psyche Chestnut Mare
1998 Psyches Spirit Chestnut stallion
1998 WN Fawn Obsession Chestnut Mare USA
1997 Psyches Ambassador Chestnut stallion Austria
1997 Psygnet TBA Bay Mare USA
1997 Psyncere Bay stallion
1997 Mysaa Chestnut Mare
1997 Caszmir Grey stallion
1997 Miss Psyche Grey Mare
1997 FOF Eleni Chestnut Mare USA
1996 LC Tornita Chestnut Mare USA
1996 Psyches Kyss ? Mare
1996 LC Psouthern Star Chestnut Mare
1996 Shafe Psuede Grey stallion USA
1995 Magnum Psyche Chestnut stallion USA
1995 PR Krystl Prince Bay stallion
1995 Psymadre Bay stallion
1995 RA Keolani Bay Mare
1995 Vainglorious Chestnut Mare
1995 SC Psavannah Chestnut Mare
1995 WN Obsession Bay Mare USA
1995 FOF Kharolina ? Mare
1995 LC Primavera ? Mare
1994 Padrons Immage Grey stallion USA
1994 Psyches Khamellia Bay Mare
1993 Psyches Amber Gem Chestnut Mare USA
1992 FS Ritz ? stallion
1992 Focus Galliana Chestnut Mare
1992 Psyches Glory Chestnut Mare USA
1991 Focus Seneca Grey Mare USA
DR Rosa Psyche ? Mare
Tai Emerald Bey Bay Mare
Pseltic Star ? Gelding
Priceless LL ? Mare
Psynsation ? Mare
Eternaly Psyche ? Gelding
MS Freedom ? stallion
GC Merpsydita ? Mare
Natique Bay Mare
Aura Psyche Chestnut Mare
Psyches Aura Chestnut Mare
Psource Bay stallion
Princess Psyche Bay Mare
Poetic Psyche ? Mare
Mistic Dream ? Mare
Forever Pspecial ? Mare
Indianne Psylk ? Mare
Promises PSY ? Mare
Psyches Nova ? Mare
Psierra PGA ? Mare
DR Truly Lace Grey Mare
DR Cherish Me Bay Mare
LC Ferrarity ? Mare
Psyches Legacy Chestnut stallion
Christina JD Chestnut Mare
GW Campaign ? stallion
Psyches Premira ? Mare
HL Mystique Lace ? Mare

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