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Year of birth: 1977

Year of death:2007

Gender: stallion
Colour: Chestnut


SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

AVS #1306
AHR #175389


Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1991 Padrons Ghibli Chestnut stallion
1990 Europes Padron Chestnut stallion
1989 PR Padrons Krystl Bay Mare
1988 Padrons Psyche Chestnut stallion
1988 Silver Padrona Grey Mare
1988 Padron China Doll Bay Mare USA
1988 Padrons Scenario Bay Stallion
1987 KA Krystal Padron Chestnut Mare
1987 Padrenta Bay Mare
1986 Padrons Afterglow Chestnut Mare
1986 HS Mostly Chestnut Mare
1986 Imarri Chestnut Mare
1986 Padrons Mahogany Dark bay stallion
1986 Say You Sayme Chestnut Mare USA
1985 Padrons Kadar Bay stallion USA
1985 Somewhere Mi Love Chestnut Mare
1984 Padrons Love Song Chestnut Mare
1984 Lifes Magic ? Mare
1984 PR Padrons Jewel Chestnut Mare
1984 Porcelynn Chestnut Mare
1983 Bint Pustinia Chestnut Mare
1983 Passionn Bay Mare USA
1981 Padrons Ecstacy Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Pordvore Grey Stallion USA
1981 Bint Toi Bay Mare USA
1981 City Lights DSA Chestnut Gelding USA
1981 Paloma Grey Mare USA
1981 Padroneka Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Phallon Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Gai Padrona Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Morozhnaia Grey Mare USA
1981 MP Boris Chestnut Stallion USA
1981 MP Natasha Chestnut Mare USA
1981 LD Val-Dron Chestnut Gelding USA
1981 MHR Gold Standard Chestnut stallion USA
1981 Trotski DSA Bay stallion USA
1981 SS Eskort Chestnut Gelding USA
1981 Padre Grey Gelding USA
1981 Padrella Grey Mare USA
1981 Padrons Joi Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Miss Padron Grey Mare USA
1981 Sry Padrana Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Gorky Park Bay Stallion USA
1981 Nadrona Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Prestizja Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Terska Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Evita Padron Chestnut Mare USA
1981 Notoria Grey Mare USA
1981 MHR Brandy Bay Mare USA
1981 Chorus Line Grey Mare USA
1980 Lyphard Chestnut Stallion USA
1980 Penelope DSA Chestnut Mare USA
1980 Damascus Messiah Chestnut stallion USA
1980 Bint Padron Chestnut Mare USA
1980 Native Dancer Chestnut Gelding USA
1980 Padrona Chestnut Mare USA
1980 El Padron Chestnut Stallion USA
1980 Padrons Princess Chestnut Mare USA
1980 Nomenklature Chestnut Stallion USA
1979 Padronova Chestnut Gelding USA
Padrons Amour ? Mare
Padrons Contessa ? Mare
Lady Amie ? Mare

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