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Year of birth: 1954

Year of death:1964

Gender: stallion
Colour: Chestnut


SCID status: ?
CA status: ?
LFS status:

RASB 1141


Knippel was foaled in 1954 and died prematurely at the age of ten. Knippel held the 7,000 meter record, was twice winner of the Comparison, and winner of the Elite and Name of USSR as well. Knippel took all three major races in 1959. Eleven of his daughters were retained for use at the stud.

Born Name Colour Gender Birth country
1964 Pchelka Chestnut Mare
1963 Mirok Chestnut stallion
1963 Monogramma Chestnut Mare
1962 Pritok Bay Stallion Russia
1962 Pokaznaja Chestnut Mare
1962 Pika ? Mare
Perikola ? Mare
Poklonnaja ? Mare

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